Signal Hill Chili Cook Off & Fair

The Rotary Club of Signal Hill is hosting its First Annual Chili Cook-off and Fair! Please join us on August 4th 2013 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Curley’s parking lot. Three dollars to sample all of the chili and the proceeds go towards the Rotary’s New Generation Scholarship and Shadowing Program.

Signal Hill Chili Cook off Rotary Club

A visit to the Puente Hills Landfill

On May 24th, 2013 I attended a tour organized by Signal Hill City Council Person Lori Woods. One of the places we visited was the Puente Hills Landfill, in Wittier. This landfill is closing in November 2013 and the next closest landfill will be in Mesquite County. The additional commute creates new challenges for LA County and will probably result in increased trash fees.

Council Member Woods felt it was important for residents to see how Signal Hill fits into the existing infrastructure and better understand the services that we depend on.


Despite the huge lines for trucks to get into the landfill, the lines were processed very fast. Every truck going in was on record so they knew exactly how much it weighed empty, so they could be accurately charged for every ton of trash they brought in.

During the height of their business, this landfill maxed out its daily capacity of 14,000 tons of trash per day by 10 AM. Then they had to turn everyone else away to come back another day.

Lush Side

All of the greenery on the right side IS the landfill.

Curvy 3

The roads are literally built on top of the trash. The trash compacts at different rates, resulting in these bumpy roads.

Lush 2

A visitor would never know that this is a landfill. The City facing the north side of this new mountain prefers the lush look. The South side of the landfill facing Hacienda Heights is more dry as that City prefers the more natural look.

Landfill 1

Landfill 2

Trash Close up

Trashy trash

This mountain of trash used to be an inverted canyon. I’ve passed by this landfill dozens of times and never even knew it was there.


One of the ways, the landfill keeps the flurry of activity hidden is by building 7 foot burms (walls) on the edges so you can’t see the trucks from the road. Remote control airplanes keep the seagulls away, since they like to relocate trash.


The mountains of trash are built in sections. Each vertical section includes 20 feet of trash and then one foot of dirt on top. The final top layer is made using a clay like composition seven feet deep. They clay must be permeable enough to allow for vegetation, yet does not allow water to permeate into the landfill.

amanda ashley and lori

Amanda and Ashley from Signal Hill Petroleum pose with Council Member Woods at the top of the heap. Amanda and Ashley asked great questions throughout the tour.

Gas Processing Plant

All of that trash releases lots of methane and other types of gas. While building the numerous layers of the landfill, both vertical and horizontal pipes are run inside of the landfill and vacuum out the gas. There is an onsite gas processing plant which processes enough energy to power 50,000 homes. Even after the landfill is closed, this power source will continue to operate.

purchased many acres of land for preservation

In addition to owning numerous acres of land, the operators of this landfill used their profits to purchase additional land nearby to preserve its natural beauty. Here is a picture of nearby land, which will be forever preserved to be enjoyed by the public.

California Edition Interviews City Council Person Lori Woods

You may need to install “SilverLight” to view the video. Silverlight is a Microsoft created plug in and it’s worth it to see a hard hitting interview. “Seven candidates ran for three spots. You knocked out an incumbent. A long term incumbent. How did that feel?” Lori Responded, “By having seven people running, it created […]

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Field Trip with City Council Person Lori Woods

Matt Simmons and Lori Woods

Yesterday, I went on an exciting tour of our Sanitation District with City Council Person Lori Woods, Amanda & Ashley with Signal Hill Petroleum, and Steve Myter Signal Hill’s Director of Public Works. We visited one of the largest landfills in the world, which at its peak accepted 14,000 tons of trash per day. We […]

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Today is Thomas Midgeley Day

thomas midgeley

Written by: Seth Godin Today would be Thomas Midgeley’s 124th birthday. A fine occasion to think about the effects of industrialization, and what happens when short-term profit-taking meets marketing. Midgeley is responsible for millions of deaths. Not directly, of course, but by, “just doing his job,” and then pushing hard to market ideas he knew […]

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Meeting with Signal Hill Water Department

Signal Hill Water Department

On May 16th, Signal Hill Community First (SHCF) members Maria Harris and Matthew Simmons met with the Signal Hill water department to discuss a myriad of issues affecting the rate payers. Signal Hill is doing a great job providing transparency and I would like to thank Steve Myter, Rick Olson, and Josh Rosenbaum for their […]

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Is the Signal Hill Historical Society History?

Signal Hill H

Is the Historical Society History? Far from it. There are now TWO Signal Hill Historical Societies. In March 2013, the Historical Society had an election, the incumbents did not like the results and started their own Historical Society under the same moniker. According to the March meeting attendees, the former historical Society president stated that […]

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Signal Hill Fire at top of the hill in Promontory Crest


I’m still in shock. The home a few houses down caught on fire while being tented by a termite company. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The home was vacant and the residents in the neighboring homes are okay. The husband and wife whose home caught on fire are some of the finest people that I’ve met […]

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Lori Woods’ Signal Hill Celebration Party

Lori Woods

Lori Woods is hosting a THANK YOU and Celebration party for all of her supporters who made it possible to elect a new person to our City Council. Lori has lots of new ideas and has a fresh perspective that is focused on the residents’ needs. Lori is extending the invitation to the Signal Hill […]

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March 19th Signal Hill City Council Meeting – Standing Room ONLY!

Standing room only ellen ward signal hill city council meeting

It is easy to get jaded in Signal Hill with beautiful sights. We have some of the most magnificent parks where you can watch amazing sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis. Last night, hundreds of people witnessed a special sight in Signal Hill. A City Council Meeting that was STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! There were […]

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