Another Vocational School in Signal Hill?

school in Signal Hill

What has riled up the residents in Signal Hill? Residents filled up the City Council Chambers on September 9th, 2014 with over 80 people and over 85 people showed up for a previous meeting regarding the same issue on August 26th. This issue is whether to issue a conditional use permit to the Conservation Corps to allow a new school to open up on 1982 Obispo. Scott Charney, Signal Hill’s Director of Community Development said he has never seen such big crowds show up regarding a new development.

The Conservation School is geared towards at risk young adults. They have two requirements for their students:

1. They can not have a High School Diploma
2. They must be 18-25 years old

Over 15% of their male students are on probation or on parole and the proposed school would be across the street from American Gymnastics.

Conservation Corps wants 175 at risk students at this location, even though there are only 62 parking spaces, which will also be used by staff, faculty, and buses.

Numerous residents went to the dais to speak out against the proposed new school. Here are some of the highlights:

Peter: I’m concerned about the school, parking, and graffiti. This is two points away from a check cashing or pawn shop.

Tripina: The problem is the location and impact in our neighborhood & community. ALL the other CUP’s which Signal Issued were beneficial to Signal Hill, this is not.

Ms. I didn’t catch her name (but she was a great speaker): She is concerned with loitering, 15% are on probation & parole, we are busing in other people’s problems, the parking overflow from 175 students and 62 spaces is going to impact the neighborhood. And we don’t know the impact from the Browning School yet, so how can we approve this?

Diane Kern: I visited the facility on Atlantic and was impressed.

Dianne Beret: This is not a good location, because it will impact traffic. Obispo is a 2 lane road and is not suitable for a school.

Gloria Nava: [She went over the 3 minutes alloted to each speaker, but came very well prepared, had her notes written down and touched upon a lot of great points] Why are we talking about this? The traffic & police studies are incomplete. The studies should be done BEFORE the community workshops.

I moved to Signal Hill because it was safe. This development would change the composition of the neighborhood. There is only one handicapped space for all 175 students and staff, that is not inclusive. What type of crimes did the 15% of the student population commit? Were they violent crimes, sexual, etc.

Mark: The Browning School was dumped on us. We have a great City on top of a hill and it is slowly getting chipped away. There are only 2 people in the entire room that are in favor of this, the rest of the room is vehemently against this.

Linda Heeb: Why would we import problems into our City? This makes no sense.

Robin: What are the benefits to Signal Hill, not society at large? I am very concerned about the safety of my children in regards to this school.

Signal Hill Pancake Breakfast

signal hill historical society pancake breakfast

The Signal Hill Historical Society is hosting it’s 5th Annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, September 20th between 8 & 10 at Applebee’s!

Tickets are only $10 and proceeds go to our local historical society. Applebee’s is being VERY generous with the historical society and is letting them keep a huge percentage of the proceeds. If you’re interested in supporting the Historical Society in a fun way and meeting other people in our community, I encourage you to sign up right away. Attached is a contact form, fill it out, and I will have somebody from the Historical Society contact you.

Signal Hill Chili Cook Off & Fair

Signal Hill Chili Cook off Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Signal Hill is hosting its First Annual Chili Cook-off and Fair! Please join us on August 4th 2013 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Curley’s parking lot. Three dollars to sample all of the chili and the proceeds go towards the Rotary’s New Generation Scholarship and Shadowing Program.

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California Edition Interviews City Council Person Lori Woods

You may need to install “SilverLight” to view the video. Silverlight is a Microsoft created plug in and it’s worth it to see a hard hitting interview. “Seven candidates ran for three spots. You knocked out an incumbent. A long term incumbent. How did that feel?” Lori Responded, “By having seven people running, it created […]

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A visit to the Puente Hills Landfill

amanda ashley and lori

On May 24th, 2013 I attended a tour organized by Signal Hill City Council Person Lori Woods. One of the places we visited was the Puente Hills Landfill, in Wittier. This landfill is closing in November 2013 and the next closest landfill will be in Mesquite County. The additional commute creates new challenges for LA […]

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Field Trip with City Council Person Lori Woods

Matt Simmons and Lori Woods

Yesterday, I went on an exciting tour of our Sanitation District with City Council Person Lori Woods, Amanda & Ashley with Signal Hill Petroleum, and Steve Myter Signal Hill’s Director of Public Works. We visited one of the largest landfills in the world, which at its peak accepted 14,000 tons of trash per day. We […]

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Today is Thomas Midgeley Day

thomas midgeley

Written by: Seth Godin Today would be Thomas Midgeley’s 124th birthday. A fine occasion to think about the effects of industrialization, and what happens when short-term profit-taking meets marketing. Midgeley is responsible for millions of deaths. Not directly, of course, but by, “just doing his job,” and then pushing hard to market ideas he knew […]

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Meeting with Signal Hill Water Department

Signal Hill Water Department

On May 16th, Signal Hill Community First (SHCF) members Maria Harris and Matthew Simmons met with the Signal Hill water department to discuss a myriad of issues affecting the rate payers. Signal Hill is doing a great job providing transparency and I would like to thank Steve Myter, Rick Olson, and Josh Rosenbaum for their […]

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Is the Signal Hill Historical Society History?

Signal Hill H

Is the Historical Society History? Far from it. There are now TWO Signal Hill Historical Societies. In March 2013, the Historical Society had an election, the incumbents did not like the results and started their own Historical Society under the same moniker. According to the March meeting attendees, the former historical Society president stated that […]

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Signal Hill Fire at top of the hill in Promontory Crest


I’m still in shock. The home a few houses down caught on fire while being tented by a termite company. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The home was vacant and the residents in the neighboring homes are okay. The husband and wife whose home caught on fire are some of the finest people that I’ve met […]

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